Thursday, February 28, 2008

UPDATE: Illinois Blast Injuries Up To 9

Megan Dougherty and AP

-More people found injured
-Gas leak is said to be probable cause

At least 9 people are said to be injured by the blast in a Waukegan, Illinois shopping plaza. Emergency crews are looking to see if more people are trapped in the debris of the roof that collapsed.  

The Waukegan Fire Chief says it is suspected, but not yet confirmed, that a leaking gas pipe is to blame for the blast. A People's Gas spokesman says they have turned off all gas pipes in the surrounding area. 

Candie Rixie says she working at Leno's Submarine shop a block away, when she heard the loud noise. 

"We felt like an earthquake, like somebody had hit the building with a car," she said. 

Emergency crews are still on the scene cleaning up the rubble and looking for more clues. 

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