Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gas Leak Ignites; Shopping Mall Crumbles

Megan Dougherty and AP

- Two of the nine injured are in serious condition
- Officials say the structure was decades old
- Fire is contained and clean up has begun

An explosion possibly caused by a gas leak ripped through a suburban Chicago shopping plaza Thursday, injuring nine people and rattling nearby buildings, fire officials said. 

Of the nine injured, two are in serious condition at a local hospital, Deputy Fire Chief Dan Young Said. Injuries range from smoke inhalation, bumps and bruises. 

The shopping center is located about 40 miles north of Chicago. The explosion ignited around lunchtime, leading to a subsequent fire and the collapsing of the roof.

Officials say they are looking for one person who is still unaccounted for, but they are "99.9 per cent" sure everyone is out of the rubble. 

Fire crews are still at the scene cleaning up the rubble.

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