Saturday, February 23, 2008

Panic Time

I have been so busy taking 17 credit hours this semester that I haven't even stopped to breathe. I haven't stopped to notice that Spring Break is less than 3 weeks away until now... and I haven't done one thing about it. I do know that since this is my last Spring Break FOREVER (scary thought) that I want to make it one to remember. The only thing: I don't know how to plan this working with everyone's budget, location preferences, etc. and for some reason I am the friend in charge. So, I thought I would keep my blog about the trials, tribulations and hopefully success of planning a trip to remember.

So far today, I went to to check out airfare to a couple of places in Mexico and a couple of places in Colorado. Personally, I want to go skiing. I have done the Mexico Spring Break thing a couple times before and I think I've had my share. I think it would be more fun to be active and outdoors sans the "festivities" of Cabo or Key West. So, this is what I pushing for. After getting the airfare, I found some reasonable prices to Denver so I'm going to take a poll among my friends and cross my fingers. We'll see what they say... if they like it, I then have to start planning a ski vacation. If they don't, what do I do? Go with a smaller group who wants to go skiing, or go with all of my friends to Mexico? I know, I know, tough life, right? 

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